Our clays and pepared  bodies are purchased from the Westerwald region (Germany), UK, Spain and France. We supply them as a plastic prepared bale, either packed in a 10-20kg plastic bag or as a sealed unit (Goerg&Schneider and Spanish body).

The block prices up to 100 bales are also valid if different types are purchased (Exception: Bodies with a weight of 12,5kg - blockprices are valued within this group).

For large customers we offer 1 ton per clay type - please select the variant "Unit: Ton, 10kg-Bale". Other block prices on special request.

Crucible Body 922 Light 1/200 (Witgert)
Paperclay 234, Short Fibre (G&S)
from 15,65€*
Paperclay PCLI, Cellulose Fibre (Spain)
Raku Body W 3005 K129 Flame-resistant (Sibelco)
from 16,90€*